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Consolidated Minerals, Inc. (CMI) and its founder F. Browne Gregg consider effective mining to be one of the original “green” industries. By its very nature, the mining business produces and prospers best when it leaves nothing to waste.

We reclaim, reuse and recycle all resources throughout our mining and production processes and utilize materials to their fullest capacity. Our goal is to waste nothing from the materials we extract from the earth.

Additionally, a large portion of land at each and every CMI mining location is dedicated to function as a reclaimed wetland and wildlife refuge. Waterfowl and other forest creatures make their habitats in these ecosystems and CMI does its part to make sure the balance is not disturbed.

Consolidated Minerals, Inc. is committed to leaving a big footprint on the field of innovation – and a very small one on the planet.


Consolidated Minerals, Inc. is committed to protecting the health and safety of our most valuable resource – our employees, as well as protecting the environment that has provided many natural resources for us.

CMI has a strong safety and health program that includes a firm commitment to the value that no job is so important or so urgent that it should compromise the safety of the individual performing the task. We strive to meet or exceed all regulatory standards at all times in all aspects of our work.

CMI aims to continually improve in our environmental, health and safety management systems by ensuring that all employees recognize and understand that their safety is the most important aspect of their job every day, by doing top-to-bottom safety/health/environmental inspections on a regular basis, and by giving capital projects that are safety/health/environmental related top priority.

At CMI, we believe that we can achieve safe working days for all employees year after year no matter the cost!