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WWII Pilot, F. Browne Gregg is awarded the silver star for his mission over Germany in 1945


Post war beginnings in civil, industrial and land development work

50's & 60's

Bridge project in Central Florida

Early 60's

The Crawler Crusher designed by Mr. Gregg

Late 60's

The Triton used parts from a US Naval Destroyer authorized by President Lyndon Johnson


Founded Florida Crushed Stone Company, producing aggregates at several locations in Central Florida.


Designed and build world’s first integrated facility combining a cement, power and lime plant.


Built Florida Crushed Stone into Central Florida’s leading producer of aggregates and cement. Browne Gregg received numerous awards for his work.


Sold Florida Crushed Stone, but combined several of its operations with other business ventures, including CLI and operated under the name of Consolidated Minerals, Inc.


On June 18, 2018, CMI and its subsidiaries became a 100% employee owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).


Consolidated Minerals, Inc. (CMI) and its family of companies began with the vision and determination of founder F. Browne Gregg. Although Consolidated Minerals, Inc. (CMI)’s roots are deep and wide, its foundation was established in 1971 with Gregg’s acquisition of Florida Crushed Stone Company, which was profitable under his charge from year one. Gregg began the company to include sand and rock mining, quickly multiplying its plants and scope. In the early 1980’s the company expanded its operations to include blending materials for multipurpose uses such as road base. In the 1980’s the company designed the world’s first integrated facility combining a cement plant, a power plant, and a lime plant. The $250 million co-generation facility operated substantially on what otherwise would be waste materials, waste steam, and waste heat. This innovative plan included major components of a moth-balled coal fired electric power plant in Illinois which was relocated, rehabilitated, and constructed in Brooksville. During its construction it was recognized as the largest co-generation industrial construction project in the Southeast. Gregg’s re-engineering of the plant did more than enable massive output, it created an award-winning system of material recycling, waste utilization and environmentally-friendly energy preservation.

Consolidated Minerals was established in 1987 with the acquisition of a company engaged in phosphate mining and the production of phosphate based animal feed supplements. Over the years, some of the operations were sold. In addition, in 2000, Mr. Gregg sold most of the operations of Florida Crushed Stone Company to CSR America. Gregg retained ownership of several operations of Florida Crushed Stone, including C.L. Industries, and combined them with CMI’s other operations.


In June 2018, CMI became a 100% employee owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Prior to the conversion to an ESOP, CMI and its subsidiaries were owned by Leesburg Regional Medical Center and Cornerstone Hospice. CMI’s founder F. Browne Gregg, who passed away in 2014, named the two non-profit organizations as the beneficiaries of his estate in his final and perpetual pledge to the community of Leesburg. The boards of directors for the hospital and hospice were committed to finding a way to keep the company’s headquarters in Leesburg to ensure that CMI would remain an independent, locally owned company.

100% Employee Owned

Blaine Johnson, CMI’s President and CEO, echoed this sentiment saying: “Becoming an employee owned company ensures stability for all of our customers, vendors, employees, and the local communities where we operate. Through our ESOP, our employees, which includes C L Industries, Aquavations, Universal Aggregate Solutions, and Mallard Global Logistics, will share in the financial and operational success of CMI in ways that few employees do. Since customer satisfaction drives our company’s success, with our ESOP all of our employees have an even greater interest in better serving our customers.”

CMI and its employee owners look forward to the future, firmly committed to expanding on its founder’s principles and values, which includes his support for the Leesburg community.